How Much To Test

The more we test, the more bugs we find. So, how much testing is enough? We cannot define the amount of testing that is required. It all depends upon the end-users or customers how they work with it or how they take it. So it is always better to prioritize our testing, so that whenever we stop testing, we can say that we have done the optimal testing in the time that was available to us.

Some of the conditions can be defined when we can stop testing. But again, none of these methods cannot be used independently to guarantee that the software is bug free. Just keep in mind “Any Software is never bug free!!!”
  • One way would be to look into the results of testing done within a period of time. If we could see a gradual decrease in the number of defects identified we can think of stopping.
  • The other possible time to stop testing is when all the critical defects are almost fixed. How can you define that a defect is critical? So what are Project Managers and customers for, they can define a list of defects that needs to be fixed before release. The customers are the end users, they can atleast define a set of minimal set of criteria’s before they can start working with the system. Again, it’s always better to have defect free software.
  • The other way would be that the time defined for testing is over. Testing phase is always included in the Software Development life cycle. So we keep on testing and finding defects until the testing phase is over.
  • Finally, I would say that, stop testing when the defined time for testing is over and the development team, testing team and mangers are confident that we have done our best to ensure that the software is up-to the requirements defined by customer.


  1. I would say create a boundary of test cycle and defect percentage. Define the Upper Limit specification and Lower limit specifications and this will lead to the answer of how much needs to be tested.