What actually is Software Testing

There have been a lot of descriptions around Software Testing. Although all of the descriptions are correct in their own sense, the main idea behind testing would be to ascertain that the product is error free. Whatever type of testing you follow, Static or Dynamic, the tested product should be in compliance with the expected result.

So what is ‘expected result’? Expected result is what, that is defined by the customer, what is already defined in the product specifications. You could not be testing a product without knowing what actually it should be doing. A better understanding of the product specification is required before the start of testing.

Lot of people defines testing from the ‘dynamic’ point of view, which is done by executing the software system and checking the flaws in the system. But more importantly, Static testing is also important in the sense that if the codes are reviewed before they are run dynamically they can help in reducing the number of bugs that are later detected and may take more time to be fixed. Again the same thought applies here, the sooner the bugs are found the better it is.

Now let me come to why lots of people define software testing from the ‘dynamic’ point of view. That is because the best way to test the software product is to test it by executing it how the end users will be using. The end users will be using the product, so it’s always best to run the software how the users will run and test that it does not break when put in live environment. Accordingly, we can define software testing as: "It’s a process of executing the software to determine whether it matches its requirements and executes as expected in the intended environment. It is the process of assessing the functionality and quality of the software system by executing it."

So the main aim of software testing is to assess and improve the quality and reliability of the software system by detecting the faults in the system and making it sure that it gets fixed within time. Testing helps in finding the faults in the system and it’ll surely enhance the quality of the system if done in a proper planned manner.

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