Why To Test??

Because this is our job, and we are getting paid for this ;)
Because Software’s are developed by humans and they are bound to make faults. Testing tries to find those faults before it’s put into live environment. Testing is a must for everything developed in this world because without testing we cannot find out how the product will behave in the real world. And the fault found in the product once in the live environment is sure to cost us more. It has been known that the cost of finding and fixing an error goes up dramatically with the length of time the error is present. If the end user or customer is going to discover that the system is not working as expected or it does not comply with the requirements defined, then the software system will have to go through a large portion of time fixing the error and the cost may be quite significant depending upon the fault. So software faults in a live environment will surely costs the company more than spending some money and finding the critical defects before releasing and fixing it there and then.

Other than this, the cost of the fault escalates as we progress from one stage of development cycle to the next. The longer a fault remains undetected the more likely it is that it will cause other faults because it is going to encourage false assumptions. If there is a fault in the requirements specification itself, the developers will build the product underlying the wrong specification and this will surely cause to produce more other faults in the product. This wrongly developed product will hit harder once the customer finds it and will be hard to fix because of the other dependency faults or wrong assumptions made. In this way faults can be multiplied so the cost of one particular fault can be considerably more than the cost of fixing it. If the fault was detected while in the early stage itself, then it will save us of producing lot other faults in the product.

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