Internet Of Things(IoT) and the Broadband Forum TR-069

Of-late I haven't written much, as I switched jobs few months back, and have been too busy learning, exploring new waters. Don't know, but starting to feel the same in the new environment, already ;)
In this post, lets try put something related to the Broadband Forum TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol, as I have been working in this domain long enough and never got a chance to write something on this topic. Basically lets see what Broadband Forum(BBF) is doing about "Internet Of Things" or IoT which is the future of Internet as experts say.

Very brief intro of TR-069:
Technical Report 069(TR-069) is a specification from Broadband Forum(BBF) also called CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), has been around for more than a decade. The protocol defines standard for communications between customer-premises equipment (CPE) devices, such as modems, gateways, set-top boxes, VoIP phones; and the Auto Configuration Servers (ACS). The protocol is mainly used for for automatic configuration and management of these CPE by an ACS. And it has been very successful in doing that, as we are already seeing nearly 300 million devices managed worldwide and it is still growing. The protocol which was earlier mostly used for DSL modems is now adopted by cable operators to manage cable modems.

As we all know, the current buzz in the market is about Internet Of Things(IoT) and how it will change our environment and lives. Experts estimates that there would be an upwards of 20 million devices connected by year 2020. The Consumer Electronics Show(CES) 2015 was mostly about the IoT smart devices which can communicate/talk with other devices like smartphones. Well there are already devices in market worldwide for e.g. smart TV, which can already communicate with smartphones. In the very near future, we are going to see more other devices like smart watches, smart-thermostats, smoke detectors, HealthKits and smart home devices.

With the ever evolving technologies, and now the advent of the IoT devices in our home environment there has been a continuous need for developing the TR-069 protocol. BBF has always been ahead on this and apart from releasing other technical reports like TR-181, etc, time to time, we have the latest TR-069 at Amendment-5.  Now it should be able to leverage its success and encompass the IoT device management, in order to catch up with the modern trend. As per the latest(17/June/2015) newsletter from BBF, they have been adding new features/improvement in TR-069 to support deployment and management of IoT devices. Well it will be really interesting to see the outcome, as this might be a win-win situation for the consumers and the telecommunication operators. Consumers with TR-069 CPE's will have their smart IoT devices managed by the same telecommunication providers. And telecom providers would be happy to oblige :)
Also, as per the 12th June 2015 press release, TR-069 is going to play an important role in IoT market and most service providers look forward to it.

Other than that, BBF also is working towards a new service platform  for activating, managing, monitoring, diagnosing, and controlling network enabled services. The protocol and models, including the implementation guidelines and other materials expected to be delivered by Q2 2016. That's next year, cheers!!!

About the Broadband Forum
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