Top 10 Interesting And Total Time Pass Websites

List of interesting sites you can visit for total time pass or when you are bored!

1. Textastrophe
Beware of the owner of this site, don't post your phone number in public :).
This site hosts a collection of funny text conversations the owner had with phone numbers found in ads. Not sure if the conversations are real, but it is real time pass reading it. Whenever I read any of them, I could not stop laughing. Read through them when you are really bored.

2. Awkwardfamilyphotos
I actually like this site. Funny, awkward photos people share. The creator puts it like this "When a group of people with the same last name and different personalities are forced to spend most of their lives together, plenty of uncomfortable moments are sure to follow."
Go ahead and share your uncomfortable family moments, if it brings a smile in your face, it sure will for others!!!

3. Lamebook
Similar to, but here people submit funny and amusing stuffs posted on Facebook. Thank God, I rarely use Facebook :)

4. Snapbubbles
Addicted to snapping plastic bubble wrap? Go ahead do it online!

5. Cleverbot
Chat with an super intelligent, awesome bot. This will make you really think if you are indeed talking with a machine or human. Get more information from here.

6. Failblog
See or watch some Fail'ed situation photos and videos.

7. Omg-facts
Interesting Facts that you might not want to miss. You can search through many categories like History, Language, Sports, Science, Technology and more. The site is followed by over 2 million people on Twitter and 200,000 on Facebook, wow!!!

8. Peopleofwalmart
This site features funny and interesting photos and videos of people seen at shopping malls. Note that this is in no way related to Walmart.

9. Funnyjunk
All junk, still too funny and total time pass. Check it out your self...

10. Iwastesomuchtime
Go ahead and waste some boring time!!! Cheers!

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