Top 15 Visited Sites - Mar-2014

Here is a list of top visited websites on the Internet. The rankings are provided by Alexa, a California-based web traffic tracking subsidiary company of You can get more information about the company here.
The first screenshot is of the worldwide rankings. Most of these rankings are quite as expected. Also not very surprised to see 5 Chinese sites in top 15, where is leading at 5th position, way ahead of Sorry to see at 14th position :( when will we(Indians) get our own search engine. still maintains 2nd position, who says Facebook's going down soon, hah... way to go, way to go...

The India's list below has got at the top, but I always preferred searching on :)
No wonder is placed above all others, except google. Now a days most people in India know facebook but not google :).
I am happy to see in there, way ahead of others, also at 19th, more people are starting to buy online, hmmm good!! But,  no sign of or within 20.
Nice to see there at 14th rank, so I expect to see more Indian bros and sis asking and answering questions in there.
Bit surprised to see in there above others like or Probably their extensive marketing stunts has paid off or its getting better...
Also a bit surprised about in there above, I always preferred rediff - it always looked more polished compared to the former.
No prizes for guessing in there, but probably it should move up a little more :)

Look at the rankings for USA. Americans still use Facebook, surprise, surprise... :)
Compare the position of blogspot for India and USA. Indians seem to get more into blogging compared to the Americans??

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